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Adrenaline has just found its new internet home. Welcome to your new European ministry of adrenaline activities!

About Adrenaline Heroes

Rushes of adrenaline, dry mouth, staring eyes and screaming friends! Handful of major symptoms that will tell you you’ve made the right decision when you chose! You can combine this with your trip to some of the most popular European cities, or you can make the adrenaline experience your main goal. Hard-core or mild. The choice is yours! Choose your destination – we cover some of the most popular cities in Europe like Amsterdam or Berlin, but you can also choose some of the emerging stars on the backpacker’s landscape like Bratislava or Wroclaw. And whatever setting you chose, we guarantee thrills that will haunt you for a long time! Please note, Adrenaline Heroes is member of Experience Buddy Family, where you can check our different activities.

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Array ( [31] => Array ( [id] => 31 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Bratislava [country] => Slovakia [slug] => bratislava [description] => Bratislava is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe and it hasn’t really been frequently sought tourist destination like its more famous neighbors – Wien, Budapest and Prague. Yet, this has been changing in recent years and Bratislava is thriving with ever increasing number of visitors ever year. Former coronation city of the Hungarian Kingdom is a very interesting and pleasant place to visit, because of its compact size, great selection of services in gastronomy and vibrant nightlife. And all of this comes for fairly good price! The city center is famous for its architectonical monuments and plethora of cozy cafes and bars. And when the sun goes down, Bratislava shifts to another gear and visitors can party until sunrise comes! [img] => 5798d35ed167e-bratislava.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [37] => Array ( [id] => 37 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Prague [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => prague [description] => You can say many things about Prague - one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe – being atmospheric, beautiful or crowded with tourists. But one thing you simply can’t say is that it is boring. It is simply not. Prague is just one of those cities where you just don’t know what’s going to happen next. The architecture, the atmosphere, the wide city center is just beautiful. And very lively! There is just so much to do and see in Prague, you can bet your friends beer you will fell in love with it. Speaking of beer, Prague might be just the best city in the world to go for a beer, and this is absolutely no exaggeration! [img] => 5798d3d21c9d9-prague.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 2 ) [40] => Array ( [id] => 40 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Brno [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => brno [description] => This may not be love on first sight, but once you spend some time in Brno and get to know it, you’ll find out how modestly pleasant it can be. The second largest Czech town is the region’s most important educational, cultural and industrial centre. The city centre stuffed with bars and restaurants offers neoclassical architecture mixed with Art Nouveau and empire elements. Everything is wrapped in a canny green coat, as the wide city centre is filled with parks and trees. The town feels very young and vibrant, with students usually hanging out all around the city. You will find out about genuinely laid back atmosphere without being flocked by tourists and without digging deep into your pocket. [img] => 5798d3680a521-brno.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 3 ) [38] => Array ( [id] => 38 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Budapest [country] => Hungary [slug] => budapest [description] => Paris of the East, as the nickname of the Hungarian metropolis rightfully goes, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Spectacular monuments, museums, theatres and green spots - Budapest has it all. The atmosphere in the city is relaxed and laid back, as if the historical buildings and beautiful Danube embankment were telling you there is no reason to hurry anywhere... And there really isn’t, you will enjoy Budapest the most if you just wander around the wide historical centre, enjoying its atmosphere, dropping for a coffee here and there. The night life gives rise to different type of vibe though, the streets are full of party goers and music - Budapest starts to live a second life! [img] => 581c5cd10a76e-budapest.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 4 ) [39] => Array ( [id] => 39 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Amsterdam [country] => Netherlands [slug] => amsterdam [description] => The notorious Venice of the North, Amsterdam’s right up there with the earth’s brightest city stars for many different reasons. Actually, it’s this diversity that makes it so mesmerizing – there are people who love Amsterdam for its amazing historical heritage and architecture, there are those who love it for its culture of free spirit and then there are those who love it because it’s the bicycling capital of the world. And these are just a few to mention. No matter where you see yourself, you are going to love it. National Geographic says the old town as “one of Europe’s best preserved, photogenic, and intact historic city centers.” And then you have amazing galleries and museums, famous coffee-shops or the kinky red-light district. There is something for everyone! [img] => 581c5c423dd47-amsterdam.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 5 ) [41] => Array ( [id] => 41 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Berlin [country] => Germany [slug] => berlin [description] => One of the Europe's most beloved cities, Berlin has earned a reputation of an incredibly laid back city with an amazing mixture of flavors and cultures. It is both highly industrial and artistic, offering a unique blend of lifestyles that mash together as well as gin and tonic. You can just walk around and admire classic monuments like the Brandenburg’s gate or the Bundestag. Or you can immerse yourself in one of the local subcultures, which is just as intriguing. What makes Berlin great is that it’s also very affordable compared to other European metropoles. But one thing that stands out is how laid back and fast-paced Berliners are - the atmosphere is quite simply unique. Berlin is not going to let you down! [img] => 581c5c89439b6-berlin.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 6 ) [42] => Array ( [id] => 42 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Hamburg [country] => Germany [slug] => hamburg [description] => The second largest city in Germany and once a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, Hamburg is probably the wealthiest German city, but you don't really have the feeling that the city is cheaply showing that off. Being the country's publishing and manufacturing center, it is in the midst of an exciting urban change, with some of the most impressive architectonical monuments you can find in Europe. Hamburg may lack grandiosity of Paris, Amsterdam or other big European destinations, as this was never a city of kings. But its subtle and sophisticated beauty is something that will get under your skin. The maritime character of the Hamburg is still present, but the old-world grandeur is being merged tastefully with a futuristic architecture. [img] => 581c5d0b39eb7-hamburg.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 7 ) [43] => Array ( [id] => 43 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Munich [country] => Germany [slug] => munich [description] => Germany's unofficial southern capital is a thriving success story full of high-tech industry, renowned beer halls and Mediterranean-style coffees full of visitors. The Oktober fest is a notoriously well-known celebration of beer where people from all around the world come to taste local beers and (in)famous German sausages. But Munich offers much more than just a great beers. Its art galleries and museums are among the finest in Europe and football fans from all around the world come to get a glimpse of history of one of the best clubs in the world. The mixture of all these contradicting elements suggests a fascinating cocktail of experiences even for the most demanding urban backpackers. [img] => 581c5d2d3f681-munich.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 8 ) [44] => Array ( [id] => 44 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Warsaw [country] => Poland [slug] => warsaw [description] => The capital city of Poland surely knows what it means to go through some ups and downs, if we put things lightly. Nowadays a thriving city full of contracting colors and surprises became a ruin in 1944 when Nazi forces almost completely wiped it out. The Polish came back however, strong as ever, and their reconstructed historical center is in a World Heritage list. The city of the tallest four-faced clock in the world blends monumental socialist realism sits with the subtle and ethereal Art Nouveau architecture. There is also Europe's wildest river flowing through its center, which symbolizes the unbreakable character of the city. Warsaw surely isn't your typical European tourist destination! [img] => 583e981db9a42-warsaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 9 ) [45] => Array ( [id] => 45 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Gdansk [country] => Poland [slug] => gdansk [description] => Formerly known as a free city of Danzig, Gdansk is Poland’s oldest city. Even though the original city centre has been mostly destroyed during the WW2, much like in Warsaw, locals have been able to make a beautiful restoration of the original monuments, gateways, medieval streets and imposing towers. Together they create an amazing atmosphere of an old Hansa merchants’ settlement and when you enter the old town, you are really carried back to middle ages. This is best documented by the fact that over 30% of the streets in the old town have had the same name for more than 500 years. Gdansk’s peculiarity is well worth checking out! [img] => 583e9831c3259-gdansk.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 10 ) [46] => Array ( [id] => 46 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Wroclaw [country] => Poland [slug] => wroclaw [description] => Wroclaw’s not just Poland’s 4th largest city and a major industrial, educational and commercial centre for the region, the capital of Lower Silesia region has an extraordinary architectonical and cultural face after soaking up Austrian, Bohemian and Prussian influences in the past. Located on the Odra River, Wroclaw also has an astonishing 130 bridges and 12 islands making up for idyllic views and walks along the river. Beautiful and well-preserved Cathedral island is a must see for gothic architecture enthusiasts and the picturesque market square (Rynek) is also something no visitor can afford to miss. Wroclaw can also get very lively, with plenty of major cultural events happening during the whole year. It’s really easy to understand why everybody falls in love with Wroclaw so easily. [img] => 583e983f6e5fe-wroclaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 11 ) [47] => Array ( [id] => 47 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Poznan [country] => Poland [slug] => poznan [description] => One of the Poland's cultural and economic centres, Poznan is an interesting mash-up of historical monuments, colourful burgher houses, museums and galleries. Poznan’s trade fairs have become its trademark and if you plan to visit one, make sure you secure your place to stay well in advance! Poznan, however, has another contrasting face – it's full of students which makes it vibrant and fresh. And so is the atmosphere in the streets. So while Poznan might not be the most popular tourist destination like its better known Polish siblings (Krakow and Warsaw), there is a good chance you'll end up very pleasantly surprised when you travel there. [img] => 583e984bc9cb7-poznan.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 12 ) [48] => Array ( [id] => 48 [id_activity] => 4 [title] => Sofia [country] => Bulgaria [slug] => sofia [description] => Sofia means „wisdom“ in Latin and the Bulgarian capital has plenty of what could be described as the historical wisdom because it is one of the oldest towns in Europe – its history dates back 7 thousand years! That's why its national historical museum is one of the most extensive museums in Europe. But Sofia offers much more than that! It is situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountains, place beloved especially by skiers. The town itself is vibrant with lively boulevards, adorable boutiques and electrifying nightlife. And you really won't have to dig deep into your pockets, as Sofia offers maybe the best value for money in Europe! Let yourself be charmed by the city that never sleeps! [img] => 581c5d5c374f7-sofia.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 13 ) )

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